Iberia’s Take-out Menu

Tue to Sat from 12:00 to 8:00 pm, Sun 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm



LARGE CAESAR SALAD, for one to three $14.95
GAZPACHO $9.00/Qt.
PATATAS BRAVAS, spicy fried potatoes with garlic mayonnaise $9.95
GAMBAS al AJILLO, prawns, toasted garlic, sherry wine $24.85
TORTILLA de PATATAS (9 in.) $19.00
DATILES ENDIABLADOS, chorizo stuffed and bacon wrapped dates $1.95 ea.
EMPANADITA de POLLO, chicken, roasted tomatoes, onions, and peppers $3.85ea.
SARDINAS a la PARRILLA, grilled sardine filet wrapped in a grape leaf, garlic toast $11.80
SETAS al AJILLO, griddled king oyster mushrooms, garlic-parsley olive oil $13.85
TXIPIRONES RELLENOS, baby squid stuffed with tomatoes & sausage, braised in its ink $19.60



CHULETON a la PARRILLA, grilled prime-grade sirloin (8 oz.), chimichurri sauce $26.85
CANELON a la CATALANA, a traditional favorite in Barcelona:
pasta tubes stuffed with chicken, veal and pork topped with béchamel and baked $19.85
PARRILLADA de CARNE serves four to six
lamb, beef ribs, pork chop, & chicken; marinated and grilled on the open fire
served with fried potatoes and grilled asparagus $135.00



PAELLA, saffron-infused rice with chicken, pork and seafood (vegan option available upon request)
Small, for one to three $49.90
Large, for four to six $96.80
PAELLA de LANGOSTA, lobster paella with cuttlefish and prawns, for one to three $87.00


items heated/baked upon request

CLAM CHOWDER, the closest you can get to Montauk $16.00/Qt.
FABADA ASTURIANA, Asturian stew of meats and legumes $17.00/Qt.
CALLOS, trotter and tripe stew with pork belly and chorizo $18.00
COTTAGE PIE, wild boar, onions and carrots; cheddar cheese-potato crust
SANGRIA, Iberia Restaurant’s own rendition $25.00/750 ml.
CAIPIRINHA, cachaҫa, lime, sugar, nectar of the gods! $55.00/750 ml.
THE MANHATAN, Michter’s bourbon, Lustau vermut, orange bitters, brandy cherry $69.00/750 ml.
THE HOME BAR, Manhatan, Negroni, Old Fashion or Side Car $25.00/ 8oz.



FLAN, classic baked custard, caramelized sugar sauce $10.00
TRES LECHES CAKE, with condensed milk and caramel sauce $10.50
BRAZO de GITANO, pistachio genoise filled with chocolate mousse $12.00
TARTA de SANTIAGO, orange almond torte soaked with orange reduction $12.00
ENGLISH TRIFLE, layers of almond cake, berries, crème anglaise, Chantilly cream (for two) $11.75
PAN con CHOCOLATE, bread pudding studded with chocolate, and served warm with crème anglaise $9.75




prices do not include twelve percent service and nine point eight seven five percent sales tax